About Us

Welcome to Shoes Boots n’Bags!

Andrea, the Founder started Shoes Boots n’Bags in 2017 and has enjoyed every minute of growing her business venture in London, Ontario.

Simply put - I LOVE shoes! I have always been drawn to fashion and expressing myself through clothing and footwear.  As a young girl, I would look at all the lovely ladies in their stylish outfits and be drawn to their shoes. I didn't have a preference, I liked them all. 

As an adult, I enjoy dressing with purpose in the trends but also incorporating my own style. Over the years I realized that as my weight would go up and down, my shoes always fit.  Adding the shoes wasn’t a chore it was a fun way to add pizazz. I found it easier and more fun to shop for shoes so naturally, my collection grew.

Accessorizing through footwear was a fun way to update my wardrobe and to stay young and current with the trends. I expanded my search for colour and styles and eventually I was looking for products that were unusual and different. Being a size 11 made finding the styles and colours I preferred more difficult so it was not always an easy search but the challenge was worth pursuing.

I want to share my love of fashion and to empower women to be strong and to find happiness in themselves by being the best they can be, and if that’s by wearing a great pair of shoes or sporting a beautiful purse then I am happy to have helped those women feel confident.


I created Shoes Boots n’Bags to offer women a place to find footwear that is fun, unique, beautiful and of high-quality. After all, a well-made shoe with good quality leathers and suedes will give you a fabulous look but it will also bring you comfort and ultimately, happy feet.

Our mission is to find beautiful and unique footwear that is well-made, good quality and comfortable. 

We hope you enjoy shopping in our store and we look forward to helping you find a fun and unique piece to add to your collection. 

Life is short, buy the shoes!