Handcrafted in Spain, ART brings you a unique and creative style enhanced by comfort, design and innovation. Their look is  deliberately young, happy and carefree. ART is a different way of  expressing yourself, through your shoes; Be original, be different!

Is a feminine, urban and modern collection that offers today’s  woman a way of re-interpreting herself, of relating to the world  and expressing herself. Quality footwear made in Spain for women who walk tall, with style, seek quality in the smallest details and are aware of fashion but who adapt it to their styleand set trends. (BRAKO has established a reputation for making 100% natural products that are chrome free, non-allergenic and not using harmful glues.)
DKODE  A contemporary brand that follows the trends with an original and  disruptive twist. DKODE’s style includes revivalist and artisan details,  for those with an independent look and attitude. Made in Portugal, DKODE shoes are all about urban design, comfort, quality and   traditions. Become a DKODER!
Strives to attain modern, eclectic, but timeless style, not strongly linked to a particular season or trend.They create original fashion products using traditional construction techniques in an unexpected way. FLY London is more than a brand, it’s a lifestyle!
Gold Button A shoe collection inspired by the eternal nostalgia of the ideals from the 60’s, a desire to enjoy the simple things, paired with the natural colours and textures of the earth. Gold Button is a stylish retro look, made in Spain, for women who are looking for a quality product in natural hues, uncompromising in comfort and with a simplistic elegance.
Maciejka If you appreciate comfort and innovative solutions, these products are perfectly designed for you! Maciejka is a brand made in Poland using modern technologies and designs adapted to the latest trends in fashion to bring you that essential combination of quality, style and comfort.
seosens Goes to the cosmopolitan world. Footwear made in Spain and created by their formulas of tradition, latest trends and design techniques. A well-made leather product with comfort and fashion in mind.
Papucei Made in Romania, is a very unique and exquisite line of footwear and accessories. All the designs are one of a kind, different both in shape, colour combinations and leathers used. Each season is different from the last which adds to the exclusive nature of these products. Look delicious in a pair of Papucei boots!
Rovers Rovers are made with high quality, natural material with rustic charm, asymmetrical cuts and creative details. Designed in Germany and handcrafted in Portugal, these shoes are designed to fit the foot with  comfort foremost in mind while presenting a unique and unusual product  that is candy for the eyes!
Is known for using exquisite, soft European leather that guarantees a sophisticated look and a great feel. They use a multi density insole, Instant Gratification Technology that delivers immediate comfort and support that lasts all day. A collection that will empower people to tackle their everyday adventures with comfort, style and flair.
UTV  Is made in France and is best known for being comfortable with a    reasonable heel height, using soft and good quality materials and  adjusting trends with a Parisian flair. Designed for a young, active city woman looking for a chic and feminine style.
Wanda Panda Welcome to a colourful world …. Welcome to Wanda Panda! A Spanish   company dedicated to manufacturing comfortable footwear without   sacrificing style. Their fantastic range of colours, textures and unique    designs coupled with comfort in every step assures their main goal of  creating Happy Shoes for Women. Wanda Panda – “Made with Happiness in the Spanish Mediterranean!”